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Stage Lighting Tips

Church Stage Lighting Guide


Having the best church stage lighting can really make a fantastic difference to the overall ambiance and worshiper experience. It’s important to make your church stage performances ‘must-see events’ that people will talk about and spread the word to others of just how fun and inspiring it is to visit your church. It may well be time to give your church lighting an overhaul to bring it more up-to-date with modern stages using the latest stage lighting technology. But, there are a lot of things for you to consider in making the right stage lighting choices to match your church’s available budget. So, we’re making that process some what easier for you here in this Complete Guide to Church Stage Lighting.

Main things to consider

Every church is different. The main consideration when upgrading your church stage lighting setup is the size of the entire church and the size and shape of the church stage or church platform used. There is a danger of over-lighting any stage which can cause ‘temporary blindness’ of performers on the stage - So it’s important not to ‘over do it’ when planning a church stage lighting overhaul. Getting the balance right between the kind, number, strength and positioning of your new church stage lights is key to getting the most from your church stage lighting overhaul budget.

Here's a good example of a modern church stage lighting setup. A nice balance of all the kinds of lights are used together effectively while two spot lights focus the audience's attention on the very center of the stage. The overall ambiance of the colors and brightness levels are not overwhelming.

The Benefits of Modern Church Stage Lighting

One great thing about purchasing and installing modern church stage lighting is that they take up less space than in the past and you get a lot better quality of stage lights for your money as well. Modern LED stage lights are also a lot safer than lights of the past. LED lights are also very versatile in the lighting effects that can be achieved so as trends in stage lighting effects come and go - you won’t have to upgrade your church stage lighting again for a long time to come. For a modest sized church, it is possible to replace your current lighting setup for a budget of under $1000. And with modern LED lighting systems, sound-activated lighting can automatically provide impressive lighting displays right out of the box. Or if you want to customize your LED lighting shows, easy-to-use app-based console controls make this easily possible without forking out on stage lighting designers and technicians. It’s easier than every to take church stage lighting into your own hands with fantastic, long-lasting results.

What Kind of Lights Should Be Used?

Each kind of stage lighting has a different use and there are 5 main kinds of lights that we’ll discuss in this Complete Guide to Church Stage Lighting post. Here we will run through each kind of stage lighting options as well as give you some good possible options within each category to ensure that you’re getting the most from your church stage lighting budget.

The Best Spotlights For Your Church

Great stage spotlights do not cost a lot relative to the other kinds of stage lights and are a very important part in achieving the overall modern stage lighting experience for your worshipers. They are used to provide excellent definition and clarity to your stage performances in that you can choose exactly where you would like your worshipers’ main focus to be during stage performances.

The Best Flood Lights For Your Church

Flood lights are used to help provide your church with a kind, loving atmosphere of warmth. Usually floodlights are positioned downstage in relation to the performers on the floor. They are the simplest kind of stage lights that comprise of little more than a lamp and a reflector housed in a box. The box can then be tilted up and down and panned side to side. Floodlights have no lenses so the output is determined by the reflector and the type of lamp used.
If you use back drops or scenery in your church stage productions, we recommend using asymmetric flood lights which allow for a more even spread of light to make your back drops appear as clear as possible overall to the audience. The other kind of flood lights - symmetrical ones have a bowl shaped reflector that evenly spreads it’s light - use this for most church stages that don’t use theatre style backdrops and scenes.

Floodlights are the simplest of all theatre luminaries, comprising of little more than a lamp and reflector in a box that can be panned from side to side and tilted up and down. As they have no lenses, the output characteristics of the floodlight are determined solely by the reflector and lamp type. The light is therefore suitable for lighting skies and cloths, it is not selective enough for lighting actors.

The Best Cyclorama Lights For Your Church

Cyclorama stage lights are used to provide a very broad wash of light - they can be used to illuminate scenery as with asymmetric flood lights. They are also used to light the sides of the stage and also the rear of the stage. Good quality LED cyclorama - known as cyc lights can be used either from the ground (ground cycs) or from fly pipes (sky cycs) or if your church stage lighting budget can afford it, it’s better to use both kinds for a really good uniformity of light.

The Best Wash Lights For Your Church

Wash lights are used to change the color of the stage which is known as color washing or also known as up lighting. These lights are very important in a church stage lighting setup. They will need to be mounted as high as possible and make sure you purchase high quality LED wash lights that have a very wide angle. It’s very important to position your wash lights well around your church stage. Getting the right wash lights for your church will improve greatly the glow of color providing your worshipers with a pleasant and calming experience when they are in your church and are enjoying your stage shows. Wash lights should be positioned at least 15 feet apart from one another so given that you can count how many you’ll need for your church stage lighting setup.

The Best Moving LED Lights For Your Church

Once you’ve got the above lights in place it’s time to add the final creative and the most fun part of your church stage lighting setup - The moving LED lights! These can be controlled automatically to create amazing laser displays that will move according to the sound that they are receiving, dancing to the beat effectively. Or if you want to be more creative then you can make your own laser shows by using app-controlled sequences that you can pre-program to suit your church performances.

Fog & Haze Machines For Your Church

To get the most out of using moving LED laser lights, it’s important to consider making a special kind of atmosphere for some church stage performances that require an awesome laser light display to create an unforgettable experience for the worshipers. This can be achieved by creating a dark church temporarily and then by adding fog or haze into the room. Then once you’ve activated your LED moving laser lights you’ll be able to see them through the air which will make for an amazing display.


We hope we’ve helped you with some of the lighting decisions you’ll be making in improving your church stage lighting. And remember that in buying the latest LED lights, you’ll be able to keep up with current lighting trends as you can sequence different styles of laser shows for your worshipers that will in turn ensure that you get the most bang for your buck with your church stage lighting budget and in creating the best, most original, and memorable church stage live performances.

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